how to start a mobile notary business

How to Start Your Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business (2023)

How to Start Your Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business.

If you are looking to start your own notary business then look no further

Here at Notary Peak, we want to equip you with everything you need to know to be your own boss, and every resource you need to succeed in your new business!

Being in the mobile services industry is in high demand these days.

How much money can you make in this business? Well, as of the time of this article I am making between $8000 and $10,000 every month as a Certified Loan Signing Agent. 

Notary Loan Signing Agents are in high demand.

The most profitable way to build a notary business is to get into the home loan signing business. Every home that is bought, sold, or refinanced, needs a notary to be there to sign the loan documents during the loan closing. 

In recent years the rates have been so low that there has been a big shortage of notaries to do the work.

This 7 Step Guide to Starting a Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business will walk you through the steps, and point you to the training and resources you need to get it done right, and be completely prepared!

Let’s get into the 7 Steps, and get you moving in the right direction!

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1. Write Down Your Simple Mobile Notary Business Plan

The first step to building a successful mobile notary business is to write down your business plan. This will help you develop a clear visual path to your goal of starting your own business as a Notary Public.


You don’t need to purchase any “business plan” software or anything, this can actually be done with a pen, and a pad of paper. In fact that’s how I did it.


The first thing I would recommend is bookmarking this article so you can refer back to it often as you write down your business plan. Read this this article first, to the very end, so you get an idea of the big picture. We will cover a lot of things you will need to have in your simple business plan.


Here is a list of things that should be in your simple mobile notary services business plan. As mobile notaries, we can serve a variety of industries.


Notary Business Plan-Section 1. 


The Purpose and Description of Your Mobile Notary Business.


This should be a short paragraph or two describing what the purpose of your new notary business will be, and who you will be servicing. For example, will your goal be to work only with signing services, or do you want to work directly for Escrow Officers in your area, or both?


Do you want to focus 100% on loan signings or do you want to diversify with general notary work?


Notary Business Plan-Section 2. 


The Strategy of Your Mobile Notary Business.


This section should include becoming a Commissioned Notary Public in your state if you are not already one, and also becoming a Certified Loan Signing Agent.


Also, you could write down that your strategy will be to make a list of all signing services, and Escrow Offices in your area that you will plan on working with. This will be important when you implement your marketing plan later.


Notary Business Plan-Section 3. 


The Financials of Your Mobile Notary Business.


Here is where I would recommend that you write down if you plan on being full-time in your new business, or part-time, as well as what income you desire to make as a loan signing agent.


Do some homework on how much your start up costs will be to get up and running in your new business. It’s a good idea to pay as you go when bootstrapping a new business. You don’t have to put it all on a credit card up front.


Here is a list of items to keep in mind as you write down your expected business costs.


  • Notary Public Training and Fees
  • Loan Signing System Course
  • Laptop, duplex laser printer, high speed document scanner, etc. (Scroll down to “Set Up Your Office” Step 4, to get an exact list of some of the equipment I recommend and how much they will cost)
  • Desk (I recommend this desk for enough room for docs, shipping, and running a business from your desk), file cabinet, office supplies
  • Business Licenses, Error and Omissions Insurance Policy, or a Surety Bond if it is required.

There are some other costs along the way, but really I started my notary business with under $2500 to get up and running. I paid that amount as I went so it wasn’t really up front cost.


Once I started making money, I paid back my start up costs and began making a few extra purchases that I needed, like a self sufficient mobile notary unit / office in my truck.


Don’t worry too much about your business plan being complete, just write down what you can, and get some vision for where you are headed.


Once you have your simple mobile notary business plan written down, it’s time to start taking real steps to launch your new endeavor.

2. Get Your Notary Commission in Your State

Every state is different when it comes to being a Commissioned Notary Public. As an official for your state, you will have to find out how to become a notary with your state’s requirements.

A great place to start is with, you can get your state specific training through them too.

I suggest taking this step right away, and get signed up with right now to get the ball rolling, as it’s going to take some time to finish this training, and get your paperwork sent in.

You can also check out our article on “How to Become a Notary of Your State”.

Again, getting started with this step is they key to taking this business as a Notary Public Loan Signing Agent seriously. You will be so excited when you get your notary commission and are ready to get to work in your new business. It would also be wise to join the National Notary Association which is a good place to get your background check done when you are ready.

Let’s look at the next step…

3. Complete Your Loan Signing Agent Training

There are a few different options to get the training you need on how to sign loan documents and build your business, but the top of the list is The Loan Signing System with Mark Wills!


I took the Loan Signing System – Six Figure 2.0 Course, and it was well worth what I paid for it. I now make $8k to $10k a month as a result of the training and coaching I received through that awesome course.


The video training is phenomenal! The coaching by Mark Wills is first rate, and you will be connected to a community of people on Facebook groups who have already built successful mobile notary businesses, who are positive and ready to help you succeed too! I am one of the people in that group, and will do all I can to help you succeed.


Click Here to see the story of my own journey, on how I started my own notary business, and how it skyrocketed after taking the Loan Signing System course!


If you are already a notary public and are not making great money doing home loan closings, then you NEED to take the Loan Signing System!


There are some books you can also get to supplement the above training program. Here are some books that can help you get started on how to build and grow a successful notary signing business.


Both of the guys who wrote these books created very successful notary businesses of their own, and have courses on how to do the same thing yourself.


I know the plan they have not only works, but exceeded all my expectations! You can make it work too, it’s not that hard. You will just need to be serious about it, and don’t quit.


Within 3 months of completing the Loan Signing System course, I was getting more loan signing work than I could possibly keep up with. I built my business part-time for a year as a side job, then went full time. I haven’t looked back since. 

Check out the Loan Signing System

This course SKYROCKETED my Notary Business!

4. Set Up Your Home Office

When it comes to running your own business as a loan signing agent, you will need to get used to printing loan docs and have the room needed to sort and prep docs for your loan signing appointments.


You can get some basic used office furniture like a desk and file cabinet on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace if needed. Being a bootstrap startup is awesome and we want you to save money wherever you can.


If you are looking for an affordable desk with plenty of room, here is the one I ordered on Amazon. It works great for this business!


Here are some things that you are going to need for your home office.


Notary Office Equipment and Supply List:


As you grow your notary business you will probably adjust this list to your own needs, but the notary supplies on this list will definitely get you started.


This list does not include your notary stamp, or notary journal, which you will need.


Make sure you notary journal is compliant with your state requirements. There are some notary journals that are specifically designed for loan signing agents as well as general notary work.



Notary Journals designed for Loan Signing Agents:

While these journals will save you a ton of time when doing loan signings, make sure if you get one that it is compliant with your state requirements for notary journals. You can probably get the requirements for you Secretary of State’s website.

Photo Below – is of my home office, where I run my successful notary business, as well as this blog. This will give you an idea of how to set up your home office to run your successful mobile notary business. (Here is a link to the desk I bought on Amazon)

5. Marketing and Growing Your Notary Signing Agent Business

Once you have everything you need set up and ready to go, it’s time to get your marketing game together.

What will be your business name?

Some people play on their last names to name their business, for example “Smith Notary Service”. Using the name of your city or county is another way to name your business, for example “Denver Signings”.

As a business owner, whatever you decide to name your new business, you will need to have a few things in place to make sure you are ready to spread the news and start getting clients.

  • Business cards
  • A professional email
  • Maybe a website

Notary Business Cards

You are going to want something professional and clean. We have found that the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to get great business cards is through Vista Print.

Vista Print has a huge selection of great looking designs that are easy to edit your information, and the shipping is quick.

As a notary business you will not be handing out tons of cards so don’t order too many. But it’s good to have them on hand when you need them.

Notary Business Email

Having your own notary business means that you are a professional.


It goes without saying really, but just in case, make sure you avoid using a personal style email address.

Gmail is fine, but don’t use an email address like guitarhero@ or lesjon24873@. 

You have to have something professional, and something related to the notary signing agent business.

Yes it’s hard to find much that is available on gmail so you may need to try some other options. Just make sure they are professional sounding and not too fancy.

Website and Linked-In Profile

If you want to have a website that is great, but it really isn’t as necessary as you think. 

You can also build a Linked-In profile for your business and use that as your online presence.

Having a Linked-In profile as the social media for your notary business is a great way to show that you are a professional, but also can be a powerful way to connect with real estate professionals in your area.

There is a great book on the subject of how to use your Linked-In profile to help build your business as a notary.

– The book is called: Supercharge Your Notary Business With LinkedIn: How Mobile Notaries and Loan Signing Agents Build Their Brand, Get Known, and Connect With Their Dream Clients, by Bill Soroka & Sandra Long. 

That book was a tremendous help and we highly recommend you get a copy to help you promote and build your notary business.

6. Get Business from Signing Services and Direct from Escrow and Title Companies

Now let’s identify your income sources for loan signing jobs. As a notary signing agent you can make connections for incoming loan signings from two primary sources. Signing Services and Escrow/Title Offices.


What is a Signing Service?


A signing service is a company that is used by the larger title and escrow companies in order to locate notaries in the geographical areas that they serve. The signing service then locates an available notary and assigns the job. You would then be an independent contractor for them in your local area.


They are the so-called middle man. Signing services are paid by title and escrow companies for each job, and they take a cut of the signing fee, and pass the difference on to you.


Usually they have an online platform of their own, or use one of the big online signing service platforms to find an available notary, make the assignment, and upload the loan docs for the notary to download, print, have signed, and then upload and send them back.


Here is a short list of the primary signing service platforms that can send you business once you get signed up as a notary signing agent in your area.


We would consider these the big three. But there are others, and also many signing services have their own online platforms to assign and manage loan signing jobs.


Title and Escrow Offices


Once you have done enough business as a notary signing agent, and are confident in your ability to get the loan packages signed right every time, then it’s time to market directly to escrow officers. Escrow companies work for mortgage companies to get the loans closed and funded.


The big benefit of getting work directly from escrow officers is that the signing fee is usually much higher that what you get from signing services. That’s because signing services take a cut of the fee for the service they provide.


Don’t start going direct to title offices until you are confident in your ability to do a loan signing properly and without rookie mistakes.


If you really want to learn how to do loan signings properly and get some special training, then I cannot overemphasize the importance of taking The Loan Signing System and becoming a Certified Loan Signing Agent!


Not only will they teach your how to do loan signings properly, but how to approach escrow officers directly and get the high paying jobs for your business. Having direct business from escrow offices is a good way to maximize your revenue.


Click Here to learn more about the Loan Signing System!

7. Learn Best Practices for Administration and Bookkeeping for Your Notary Business

Being a business owner it is your highest priority to bring in the revenue and manage it properly. Allowing the administration and record keeping of your notary business to become disorganized and sloppy can destroy everything your 


The Best Notary Business and Accounting Software is Notary Gadget:

When it comes to tracking your loan signing jobs, or even general notary work for that matter, there is only one online software platform that we recommend, it is by far the best for running your own notary business. That platform is Notary Gadget!

Notary Gadget manages your income and expenses, your assignments, your calendar, invoices, and even payments, all on one platform.

Bookkeeping can be a hassle and one of the hardest and most time consuming aspects of running any business. However, this company has really done a great job of making a program that is built just for your notary business.

I love that Notary Gadget syncs with my jobs with my Google Calendar and makes it so easy to call a borrower to confirm an appointment, and even to navigate to their address on my GPS.

You simply input all the information for your assignment, and once you save the information, it all happens automatically. From my Google Calendar I click on the phone number to call them, or click on the address to open my GPS and take me to the location of the signing.

Without a doubt, Notary Gadget is the BEST answer to the bookkeeping, invoicing, and scheduling for your notary business!

Notary Gadget



Starting Your Own Mobile Notary Business is exciting, profitable, and fun!


Whether you are just wanting to run your own small business as a side gig to make extra income, or build it into a full-time notary business, here at Notary Peak we want you to succeed! We want you to reach your goals. You are already off to a great start!


If you follow through the above 7 Step Guide to Starting Your Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business we are confident that you will be on track to crush your business goals!


Here is a list of the resources we mentioned in this article to make it easy for you to access.



We hope this article has been helpful and wish you a successful journey as you build your notary public business!

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