How much money can a mobile notary signing agent make?

How Much Money Can a Mobile Notary Signing Agent Make?

How much money that a Mobile Notary Signing Agent can make is really a variable that is determined by many things.

According to a recent survey of mobile notary signing agents done by the National Notary Association the following results were identified:

  • Part time Notary Signing Agents can make on average between $250. to $4000. or more per month as a side hustle.
  • Full time Notary Signing Agents can make between $1000. to $7500. or more per month.

Beyond that it is not uncommon for a well-trained and well experienced Mobile Notary Signing Agent to make above $10,000 per month and beyond!

Our goal here at Notary Peak is to help people that want to start a Notary Business, or that are looking to scale their Notary Business to the next level.


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How much money you can make as a Mobile Notary Signing Agent

When we refer to a “Notary Signing Agent” we are talking about a notary public that has been trained and certified to perform real estate closings for lenders, escrow officers, and signing services.

Notary Signing Agent’s, also called Loan Signing Agents, are often referred to as “mobile notaries” in the real estate industry because that is what we are. However, within the industry a Notary Signing Agent works specifically in the real estate sector.

Once you are a commissioned notary and have been trained to perform real estate closings, you really can make good money as a Loan Signing Agent.

A Notary Signing Agent can make anywhere between $75 to $250 or more per real estate transaction closing.

If you average that to $115 per closing, then 10 closings per week would be $1, 150 per week, or $57,500 per year if you take a 2-week vacation.

If you are wanting to get into that business, then you might be interested in our article “How to Start Your Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business”.

By the way, when it comes to training to become a Loan Signing Agent, we are huge advocates of the “Loan Signing System” by Mark Wills.

The Loan Signing System will completely prepare anyone to become a Loan Signing Agent and they have a HUGE support community of other agents to serve as advisors and mentors. Again, full disclosure, yes, we are affiliates, but we wouldn’t be unless they were awesome! Well worth the price of training and education!

The following video “They Pay Notary Signing Agents $150/Hour” is by the Loan Signing System as an example of income potential.

Feel free to check out the Loan Signing System for yourself. They provide exceptional training and certification to become a Certified Loan Signing Agent.

How much money mobile notaries can make

Yes, a mobile notary is essentially the same thing as a Notary Signing Agent, but here we are referring to a mobile notary when they are doing General Notary Work.

Estimated Income Potential: $500. – $8000. per month and higher.

You may want to read our comprehensive article on “3 Best General Notary Work Tips for Your Notary Business”.

How much can a notary charge?

When it comes to General Notary work, how much money you can charge is determined by the Secretary of State for your State.

When you are looking it up, pay attention to what you are allowed to charge for Travel Fees, and how much you are allowed to charge per notary stamp. Keep in mind that when you charge per stamp it is referring to “per notarized signature”.

How much money you can make as a Mobile Notary depends on many factors

  • How much your Secretary of State allows you to charge for travel fees and notary fees.
  • The population of your service area.
  • Whether you a full-time or part-time.
  • How much effort you put into building your Notary Business.

Mobile notaries are known for travelling to the signer’s location to conduct the notarizations on their important documents. Knowing how far you are willing to travel and how much you can legally charge for the required travel is an important factor when calculating how much money you can make as a mobile notary.

This is important because the more travel you do, the less appointments you can take in a day. Travel can be time consuming, and costly when it comes to fuel prices and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Here is an example of how much you can potentially make for General Notary Work.

Travel Fee: $50.

Notarizations: $10. (one notarized signature)

Total = $60.

Estate Planning Packages

Here is where the money is when it comes to General Notary Work for Mobile Notaries! On average Estate Planning packages have between 10 – 20 notarized signatures.

So, if you are charging a $50 travel fee and your State allows only $10 per notarized signature, here is another example of how much money you can make for an Estate Planning appointment.

Travel Fee: $50.

Notarizations: $150. (15 notarized signatures)

Total = $200.

(Again, these are only examples, check with the laws of your State to determine what you are allowed to charge)

5 Step Notary Appointment Infographic

Understanding Your Worth

In our opinion, it is a mistake to try to compete by offering the lowest travel fees possible. You are worth paying for! Provide exceptional service and earn a great reputation.

Collect Google Business reviews as fast as you can! Let your community know that when they hire you, they will get the best notary in your area. Don’t sell yourself short.

When a document needs to be notarized it is usually a very important transaction, often it may the biggest transaction of their life.

Getting it right is more important than getting it cheap! People are willing to pay for that peace of mind. If not, maybe they should call a different notary.

Is Running Your Own Business Providing Notary Services Profitable?

The short answer is yes! When you own a business the risk and reward is all yours. If you are willing to follow best practice and guidelines for running your own notary business, it can be quite lucrative.

Notary Peak is all about helping you learn and grow your notary business into a profitable business. We know of quite a few Notary Signing Agents that have made $100k to $250k and more by running a well-organized and reputable business providing notary services.

You may want to read our article “How to Start Your Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business”.

For a complete list of articles on building and growing a successful notary business you can find it “here”.

One of the great things about running a notary business is that you don’t need a college degree and the startup costs aren’t overwhelming. Most people that start a notary business can “boot strap” the costs as they go and make it work.

How to Maximize the Profit of Your Notary Business Income

It’s important to differentiate between revenue and profit. Revenue is how much money your business is bringing in while profit is how much money your business is keeping after all the expenses are paid.

The first step in running a profitable notary business is to focus on the primary sources with the highest revenue potential.

The second step is to be sure your expenses are targeted at the essential needs of your business, and on what will have the biggest impact on increasing your revenue.

It’s been said that “when your out-go exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall”.

Run a tight ship, keep good records, hire a bookkeeper if necessary, and remember that every client is a potential source of referrals. Treat them all like VIPs.

Notary Business Accounting Software

Time and Money

No doubt you have heard that expression as well. But in this business, making money and managing your time are as important as ever.

For example, is it worth your time to travel 3 hours for one appointment (time travelling to, at, and from the appointment) or would it be better to have 3 closer appointments that last one hour? Only you can decide.

Is it smart to turn down a low paying job with longer travel time if it might lose you a source of income that could send you a significant amount of repeat business in the future?

We highly recommend using Google calendar across all your devices and managing your time wisely. Don’t forget to include time to review and print docs, scan docs back to signing services, travel time with an extra buffer for contingencies, and even bathroom breaks. Yes, on busy days, when on the road, using the bathroom can be inconvenient.

What Notary Services Can Your Provide?

When it comes to running a notary business, understanding what notary services you can provide, and how that impacts your income, is vital. You are the expert and people will count on you to know your business better than most. Especially if you are not the cheapest in town.

Being “mobile” sets you apart from the other businesses in your area that have a notary on staff. Bank and postal businesses are the primary sources for people to walk in and get their documents notarized. Many banks offer notarizations for free to their customers as a perk for banking with them.

However, there is most likely a significant part of your community that is underserved. Any time a document signer has mobility issues are a part of that.

  • Hospital appointments
  • Jail appointments
  • Residential Care appointments for seniors
  • Shut-ins and people that are wheelchair bound or otherwise have mobility issues.
  • People that work and are unable to get to a notary public during normal business hours.

On top of that, Estate Planning packages are usually too large for over-the-counter notaries to do. Often, they require witnesses as well. These types of notary appointments are best handled in the client’s home at their kitchen table.

Why You Are an Essential Business in Your Community

The people in your community need access to notary services. The business of life will often require people to get their important documents notarized. When you become known in your community as the mobile notary that gets the job done, you will be in demand.

In demand businesses are normally profitable if they are run right and well managed. Making extra money as a side-hustle or as a full-time job is very reachable. Getting the word out that your mobile notary business is available to meet these essential needs of the people in your community takes time. But once it takes root, and you have a solid reputation for exceptional service, you will be in demand too.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that as public officials, if you a professional notary public, and you meet the mobile notary needs of your community, your earning potential is significant, and you can earn great money. Doing both loan signings, and general notary work is the best way to diversify your income. Being your own boss, and setting your own hours, are only some of the amazing perks.

Take the right notary training course and become a certified signing agent, keep your notary commission up to date, get your background check, stay up to date with changes in the industry, get additional training to stay sharp, get your notary journal and business cards ready, and answer your phone. Market your business, spread the word, and get ready to start cashing checks. Your hard work will pay off, this is a great way to earn extra income, and with a little help from us, we wish you great success!

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