Increase Your Income by Notarizing
Estate Planning Packages!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Notarizing Estate Planning Packages

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Build and Grow Your Notary Business with Estate Planning Packages

Learn what is in an estate planning package, and how to conduct estate planning notarizations like a pro. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through every step, and prepare you to take on this amazing opportunity to grow your notary business. It’s so important to diversify your notary income and not just count on real estate closings!

Estate Planning Packages usually require 15 – 30 notarized signatures, depending on how many signers there are. By charging a travel fee and per notarized signature (according to your state guidelines), this profitable line of business can be quite lucrative and payment is due at the time of the appointment! This means increased cash flow for your notary business!


Understanding Estate Planning Packages

Gain a better understanding of what an estate planning package is, and what to expect.

How to Professionally Notarize Each Document

Family Trusts, Wills, Advanced Healthcare Directives, Power of Attorney. Learn what these are and how to notarize them.

Witness Qualifications and Requirements

Learn how to handle appointments with documents that require witnesses, and who can be a witness.

Glossary of Estate Planning Terms

Learn the language of estate planning packages so you can be a true pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to some of the most common questions about estate planning packages.

How to get estate planning assignments

Learn how to expand your business with estate planning package notarizations.

Learn to Manage Estate Planning Appointments Like a Pro!

Preparing for the Appointment

From how to properly confirm the appointment, asking the right questions, ensuring qualified witnesses will be present when required, and preparing your supplies, our guide will get you ready!

Managing the Meeting

Handle yourself like a pro during the estate planning notarization appointment. From arrival to conclusion our guide will set you up for success!

Getting More Estate Planning Work

Get ready for more work as a Notary Public specialist with a focus on estate planning packages. More business = increased income!

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Included in this workbook is a Sample Estate Planning Package!
Includes Sample Versions of: 
A Living Trust, Trust Certification, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive.


Get started notarizing Estate Planning Packages with confidence!

Only $7.99 download (printable)