Now it’s time to start working on a good business name for your notary business. This step-by-step guide will walk you through it. A good notary business name is important, because it will be the public brand that faces potential customers. You are not just a notary public; you are a notary business owner!

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What’s In a Notary Business Name?

Running your own notary business is exciting! We are going to provide you with 99 notary business name ideas in this workbook to provide inspiration, but don’t settle on a name yet. There is some homework you need to do before you decide what catchy name you want for your notary business, and some important things to consider.

Is the Perfect Notary Business Name Available?

Finding a unique name idea or a creative name is one thing, but finding a domain name for your website that will help you rank in Google Maps, and making sure it’s available in your state is a good idea and the best way.

First thing, you will need to do a domain name search to see if your business name is available for your website. Your website domain name can be a variation of your notary business name but needs to closely resemble it.

You will also need to do a business name search for public business names in your state to see if someone else is already using that name. It can be a real pain to decide on the perfect name, and print materials or get a logo made, only to find out that it’s already taken. It’s probable on your Secretary of State’s website that you can find the “business name search” section.

How to Find Notary Business Names in Your State:

1.Do a Google search for “Your State business name search”. For example: “Nevada business name search”.

2.Look for your Secretary of State’s website in the results and find the “business registry” or “business name” search on their website.

3.In the business name search simply type in the word “notary” and press search. You should get a list of every notary business name in your state.

4.Look through the list to make sure your name is not already registered in your state.

This list of notary businesses that are already registered in your state will not only tell you what is already taken but will also provide you with new ideas for your notary company name.

Your mobile notary service needs to have a unique business name in your state. There are many notary businesses, but you obviously want the best name you can get. That is the most important thing to determine before you settle on a great name.

Domain Name Availability

Next, you need to determine what the domain name will be for your business website. This can sometimes be challenging as there are already so many notary websites.

This is simple to do:

1.Go to: and start searching for domain names that are available.

2.Consider alternative variations of the name that you have chosen. For example: “Anything Notary Service” could be something like, if you live in Los Angeles.

3.Once you find a domain name that works for your notary business, buy it!

Next, we are going to provide you with a list of 99 Notary Business Name ideas. Unique notary business names are hard to find. This list of names is only intended to inspire you and get you thinking.

99 Notary Business Name Ideas:

  1. (Your County) Mobile Notary
  2. (Your County) Notary Service
  3. (Your City) Mobile Notary
  4. (Your City) Notary Service
  5. “Northwest” (Use Your Area, like “High Desert”, “Tri-Cities”, or “Pelican Bay”, etc.) Mobile Notary
  6. “Northwest” (Use Your Area, like “High Desert”, “Tri-Cities”, or “Pelican Bay”, etc.) Notary Service
  7. “Garcia” (Your Last Name) Notary Service
  8. “Garcia” (Your Last Name) Mobile Notary
  9. “Gold Mountain” (Your Landmark) Notary Service
  10. “Gold Mountain” (Your Landmark) Mobile Notary
  11. Acumen Mobile Notary
  12. Acumen Notary Service
  13. Accurate Mobile Notary
  14. Accurate Notary Service
  15. Adept Mobile Notary
  16. Adept Notary Service
  17. Advanced Mobile Notary
  18. Advanced Notary Service
  19. Affinity Mobile Notary
  20. Affinity Notary Service
  21. Agile Mobile Notary
  22. Agile Notary Service
  23. Alliance Mobile Notary
  24. Alliance Notary Service
  25. Allied Mobile Notary
  26. Allied Notary Service
  27. All-Star Mobile Notary
  28. All-Star Notary Service
  29. A-Plus Mobile Notary
  30. A-Plus Notary Service
  31. A-Z Mobile Notary
  32. A-Z Notary Service
  33. Benchmark Mobile Notary
  34. Benchmark Notary Service
  35. Blueline Mobile Notary
  36. Blueline Notary Service
  37. Busy-Bee Mobile Notary
  38. Busy-Bee Notary Service
  39. Choice Mobile Notary
  40. Choice Notary Service
  41. Coastal Mobile Notary
  42. Coastal Notary Service
  43. Dash Mobile Notary
  44. Dash Notary Service
  45. Dependable Mobile Notary
  46. Dependable Notary Service
  47. Direct Mobile Notary
  48. Direct Notary Service
  49. Excel Mobile Notary
  50. Excel Notary Service
  51. Express Mobile Notary
  52. Express Notary Service
  53. EZ Mobile Notary
  54. Fast Track Mobile Notary
  55. Fast Track Notary Service
  56. First-Choice Mobile Notary
  57. First-Choice Notary Service
  58. First-Class Mobile Notary
  59. First-Class Notary Service
  60. Foremost Mobile Notary
  61. Foremost Notary Service
  62. Integrity Mobile Notary
  63. Integrity Notary Service
  64. Mobile Notary Unlimited
  65. Nimble Mobile Notary
  66. Nimble Notary Service
  67. Peachtree Mobile Notary
  68. Peachtree Notary Service
  69. Premier Mobile Notary
  70. Premier Notary Service
  71. Prime Mobile Notary
  72. Prime Notary Service
  73. QuickTime Mobile Notary
  74. QuickTime Notary Service
  75. Rapid Mobile Notary
  76. Rapid Notary Service
  77. Reliable Mobile Notary
  78. Reliable Notary Service
  79. Reliant Mobile Notary
  80. Reliant Notary Service
  81. Responsive Mobile Notary
  82. Responsive Notary Service
  83. Rocket Mobile Notary
  84. Rocket Notary Service
  85. Rush Mobile Notary
  86. Rush Notary Service
  87. Signature Mobile Notary
  88. Signature Notary Service
  89. Snap Mobile Notary
  90. Snap Notary Service
  91. Speedy Mobile Notary
  92. Speedy Notary Service
  93. Sunrise Mobile Notary
  94. Sunrise Notary Service
  95. Swift Mobile Notary
  96. Swift Notary Service
  97. Unlimited Notary Service
  98. Xpress Mobile Notary
  99. Xpress Notary Service

Catching the Vision for Your Notary Business

Having catchy notary business names is not as important for success as catching the vision. Now that we have provided you with 99 Notary Business Name Ideas to inspire you, choosing from these company names leaves one more factor that is most likely the most important. That factor is vision!

Picking one of the best notary business names for your new business is not just about having a name, but more importantly it is about catching the vision for YOUR brand! You should take all of things into consideration before making your final decision. The name you settle on should be personal and should resonate with you and feel right. It should provoke pride and motivate you to build an amazing notary business.

Vision for your business is about seeing the bigger picture. It is about realizing the purpose of what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is about your WHY! Consider this part of your business plan.

Why do you want to be a notary business owner? Why does your community need you? Why are you going to put your heart and energy into building your business? See the big picture of how your community will be better served with your notary business being a part of it!

There are people with mobility issues that need access to your services, and people in hospitals, and busy professionals that keep your local economy going that need legal documents notarized, and Escrow Officers trying to close on real estate transactions and need you to do loan signings, and law offices. You may even want to provide an online service. They all need you!

Like most important decisions, if you take all of these things into consideration as your starting point, then you will no doubt choose the right business name.

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