7 Vital Notary Marketing Strategies for Your Business

7 Vital Notary Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Plan Your Notary Marketing Efforts - and Work Your Notary Marketing Plan

Here is our Ultimate Marketing Guide for Notaries. Marketing is essential if you want a thriving notary business. No business plan is complete without it. It is the best way to reach new customers and increase your income.

However, it can be overwhelming to come up with a marketing plan on your own. So, take your time reading through this article, and make notes.

A well-thought-out marketing plan will help you focus your efforts on the most effective strategies and optimize your budget for maximum results in your notary business.

By mapping out your objectives and goals as a mobile notary public, you can strategize a solid plan that will help you reach more of your desired clients in the most efficient way possible.

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Let’s take a look all at 7 Vital Notary Marketing Strategies for Your Business:

1. Design and Order Quality Notary Business Cards

Having professional and quality business cards is essential.

The good news here is that with the help of modern technology, you can now design and order high quality business cards online, that give you a professional edge in the industry. This is where you establish yourself as a brand.

Before ordering your notary business cards, you should know what to include such as: your business logo, business name, first/last name, phone number, your business days/hours, and email address where potential clients can reach you for notarizing services.

If you are technically savvy, you can design a great looking logo on Canva.

Besides contact information, include what notary services you provide as a mobile notary. Another important aspect of your notary business cards is your logo. Your logo should match your business name.

Having a memorable business name and logo will make it easier for clients to remember you. You’ll want to consider having a professional headshot done to place on your business cards and other marketing materials.

Once you have your cards in hand, it’s time to distribute them on a regular basis! Get creative! You can try placing your cards in local businesses and coffee shops, restaurants, law offices, city hall, grocery stores, waiting rooms, chambers of commerce, libraries, and even college campuses.

Unsure of where to start looking for mobile notary business cards? You can make AWESOME business cards for your notary business with Zazzle! They have a great selection of notary business card templates that you can edit to personalize just for you.

You can choose from a variety of elements, content, and awesome designs to make sure your card stands out and makes an impact. Plus, you can have your notary business cards shipped right to your door in no time!

No need to wait days to start advertising your mobile notary business. Here is that link once again in case you missed it, get awesome notary business cards at Zazzle!

Here is a great example of a Notary Business Card

2. Have a Variety of Affordable Marketing Materials

Having a variety of marketing materials is key to any successful marketing campaign.

From brochures and business cards to pens, and flyers, having the right marketing materials is a great way to get your message across to new clients.

You need to utilize all marketing options to reach potential customers, build trust with existing clients, and strengthen your brand as a mobile notary in your community.

The 5 Step Notary Appointment Success Guide

From Visually.

Examples of great marketing materials:

  • An attractive website
  • A flyer or business card
  • A social media presence
  • A blog or other online presence

Examples of poor marketing materials are:

  • A basic website that only has contact info with irrelevant/stock photos
  • Plain business cards that include information about the business in general, not what services it provides
  • Unappealing flier that only contains business contact information

Don’t forget, you always want to make an impression! These materials are your first impression on potential clients, and you’ll want to make sure you leave a good one. Play around with different styles, colors, and logos. Ask friends and family for their opinions while you create your brand.

3. Develop a Strategic Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach potential customers. Social media marketing involves organic content posted on any online platform.

To start, it’s important to understand how you want to be seen professionally. Distinguish yourself from the other notaries in the area by developing your own personal brand.

This is going to be what sets you apart from the other notaries. It’s most helpful for notaries to create a Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn for social media presence.

Your social media posts are a reflection of you, whether you like it or not. So, it’s always important to be aware that what you post is how the world will perceive you. Your social media presence should always include a headshot, contact information, and any certifications for notary business.

(The following video on “Social Media and Brand Marketing for Notaries” is by the National Notary Association.)

Tips for posting on social media as a notary.

➔   Keep all posts relevant to being a mobile notary.

➔   Use proper English with good grammar and spelling.

➔   Avoid “text talk” and all offensive language. Always keep it professional.

➔   Keep your websites updated! Don’t disappear – stay active on all your social media.

➔   Use your logo or headshot as your profile image.

➔   Keep your professional and personal social media separate.

What to post on your social medias as a mobile notary

Stumped as to what to post on social media to promote your notary business? We’ve got you covered.

  • Instagram

Instagram can be an ideal way to showcase your business, giving potential customers a glimpse into the daily life of what you do.

You can post pictures of the different places you travel to for notary business, take a selfie of yourself after dealing with a hard signing, or even give people an insight into your morning coffee ritual before a day of signings.

It’s more insight into you as a person and a business. Have fun with it, but don’t post ten pictures in a row of your dog, Teddy, hanging out with you before you leave for a signing.

  • Facebook

Save Facebook for longer updates or short blogs pertaining to being a mobile notary. Although there isn’t a character limit, try to keep it short and sweet.

You’ll start to lose people if you’re posting a novel every status update. Update your clients on what you have planned, where you’re going, new happenings in the notary world, etc.

  • Twitter

Twitter currently has a longer character limit, however, like Facebook, you’ll want to keep it short and to the point. The coolest part about Twitter is you can search for people who are looking for a notary and contact them directly.

For posting on Twitter, we recommend sticking to short updates about life as a mobile notary, or any funny happenings that go on during the day.

For all social media, you can use holidays as an excuse to post as well.

Don’t forget to like and comment on other people’s posts. Rather than always promoting your business, a better way to engage is to compliment and acknowledge others as much as possible

Using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on socials and websites

Paid advertising on social media is a great idea to get your name out there as a mobile notary. If you’re considering a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising strategy, having an engaged social media presence is a must.

These ads are shown prominently in search engine results or pop up when someone is scrolling social media.

★    Paid search advertising gives you the opportunity to target customers by bidding on relevant keywords (i.e. “loan signing agents in Northville, MI” or “notaries near Phoenix, AZ”) so that potential notary clients can easily find you. You can set up as many keywords for your campaigns as you want and invest anywhere between $0.10 to however much money you are willing to spend per click.

★    When you narrow down your search terms, you can save money and still get good results. You will only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This way you can get the most bang for your buck!

Besides social media, you should also sign up for notary websites such as NotaryCafe and Notary Rotary.

4. Develop a Strategic Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Business Profile

Having a great presence on Google is essential to any mobile notary business. Also, if you want to run a Google ad campaign, you will need a Google business profile. Most people who are trying to find a notary public in their area start by googling “notary near me”.

You are going to need a strong Google Business Profile if you want to rank in the top 3 results when someone searches for a notary near them.

From the basics of setting up a profile, getting training on creating an effective profile, as well as tips for optimizing your profile for maximum visibility – we want to help you succeed!

(The following video on “Google Business Profile Set Up: 2023 Step-by-Step Tutorial for Best Results” is by Ranking Academy)


Setting up your Google Business Profile as a mobile notary

Setting up a good Google business profile is essential for mobile notaries looking to grow their online presence and increase visibility in search engine results. By following these simple steps, you can quickly create a professional profile that will help get your notary business noticed and attract more customers.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Your business name, contact information and business hours. You can use the same contact email address for your business profile and website. If, however, you already have a Gmail account associated with your business, then simply provide that email address as well.
  • Your logo or image designed to represent your brand (preferably in a branded color scheme that matches the theme of your website).
  • A social media account associated with your notary business name in order to share on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Where to get training on having a great Google Business profile

Having a great Google Business Page is essential for any business looking to succeed online. But, creating and maintaining an effective profile can be a challenge for many businesses.

Fortunately, there are some great online courses that are affordable and can teach you how to build an effective Google Business Profile.

Here is a link to some online classes at Udemy Academy that will help you out: Learn how to build a great Google Business Profile.

How to increase your Google Business Profile ranking

You’re going to want to optimize your GMB profile after setting it up. Optimizing your profile will allow you to rank high when someone searches “notaries near me” or a similar keyword. This means leaving nothing empty. Fill out every part of your GMB profile.

To further optimize your GMB profile, you’ll also want to make sure your profile has target keywords. 

Based on what services you provide as a mobile notary, you should consider including these target keywords in your GMB profile: “notary public”, “mobile notary”, “notarization”, etc. Using keywords allows potential clients to find you.

Get those reviews!

Reviews will also significantly boost your GMB profile rank higher. If you are new to being a mobile notary, don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. Studies show 70% of clients will gladly leave a review if asked.

As you gain new clientele, you’ll get reviews, so don’t fret too much. If you’re not new to being a notary, start with your existing, loyal clients.

tips, tricks, tips and tricks-4905013.jpg

Tip to Get More Google Business Profile Reviews for Your Notary Business:

  • You can easily text a client with a “thank you” text that includes a link to your Google Business Profile, making it “quick and easy” to leave you a review.
  • Send that text to every client, after every appointment!

Don’t forget to respond to every review you get (positive or negative)! This shows existing and potential clients that you care about the quality of notary services you provide.

(You should also check out our article below “7 Essential Supplies for Your Notary Business“)

5. Develop a Strategic Traditional Marketing Strategy

In a world where digital marketing reigns supreme, it can be incredibly easy to forget about the power of traditional marketing tactics.

Traditional marketing tactics are any offline advertising. You can use traditional marketing tactics such as conferences, cold calling, direct mail, and print advertising.

Traditional marketing is important because it allows you to reach customers who aren’t online. As a mobile notary, your goal should be to reach your local community.

You can do this effectively with traditional marketing tactics, such as going to local business networking events and bringing your business cards with you or wearing a notary shirt with your company logo on it.

You can even use pens, hats, or fridge magnets to give out to clients. Pens are effective because the notary business is all about signing documents.

Leaving a quality pen with your business information will not only make a good impression, but it also leaves them with a gift.

Print ads are perfect for any mobile notaries looking to get their name out there. You’d be surprised at the amount of notary clients you can get from print ads!

To get print advertisements, start with getting an ad in your local newspaper. 

With all of this in mind, word of mouth is always the best advertising, so treat every client like a V.I.P.

6. Focus on Clients for Notary Signing Agents (Loan Signing Agents)

Loan signings are an integral part of the real estate industry. Not a single real estate transaction can close without a notary. However, marketing for these services can often be a challenge.

As a loan signing agent, your target market is the real estate sector. Primarily escrow offices. However, building relationships in that community is always a good idea.

How to find your target clients for Loan Closings.

To get the most success out of your loan signing agent business, you’ll need to focus on working directly with Escrow Officers and signing up with Signing Platforms.

Marketing to Escrow Offices:

This is going to require confidence on your part. Confidence as a person, and confidence in your expertise as a Loan Signing Agent.

Once you have both, here is suggested plan to get their attention:

  1. Make a list of Escrow Offices that are in your area.
  2. On a Friday in the early afternoon, walk in with a business card and 10 yummy drinks on trays, with 2 different flavors…something like peach iced tea, and strawberry lemonade.
  3. Drop them off with the receptionist, introduce yourself, and leave them with a business card.
  4. Grab the business cards of every Escrow Officer that works there, from the front desk.
  5. A few days later (not a Monday), send a personal email to each of them, letting them know that you are the one that dropped off the drinks, and hope that they enjoyed it. Also, let them know that you do real estate closings in the area.
  6. Follow up by email the following Friday morning (2 weeks after dropping off the drinks), as Fridays are typically when they might be looking for a mobile notary to do a signing over the weekend.
  7. After that, send a “check in” email once a month, and look for holiday opportunities to drop off some goodies for the office again.
Notary Marketing

Signing Platforms and Signing Services for Notary Signing Agents

Many escrow officers use Signing Platforms and Signing Services to find mobile notaries to do real estate closings when a signer is outside of the local area or can’t get into the office during normal business hours.

You need to get signed up on these platforms so they can be sending you work.

What is the difference between a Signing Platform and a Signing Service?

A Signing Platform is an online platform that anyone looking for a notary in their area can find one. It matches notaries with both escrow officers and Signing Services. Some escrow officers use Singing Platforms to directly find notaries and manage the real estate closing themselves.

Other escrow officers prefer to let a Signing Service find the notary and manage the closing process for them.

Signing Services often use the same Signing Platform, but they handle the details of getting setting appointments, getting docs to the notary, and reviewing signed docs before sending them back to the escrow officer.

Here is a list of Signing Platforms for Notaries:

Here are Some of the Top Signing Services for Notaries:

7. Focus on Clients for Mobile General Notary Work

Mobile Notaries provide a vital service to their community. They are an essential part of the legal process, providing a secure and valid way to authenticate documents.

General notary work can encompass a variety of tasks, from witnessing signatures to verifying identity and certifying documents.

No doubt there is a significant portion of your community that has mobility issues, or can’t drive, or are stuck in a hospital of care facility and it’s difficult to get out and get documents notarized.

See our article – “3 Best General Notary Work Tips for Your Notary Business“.

Dropping by law offices, hospitals, and residential care facilities is a great way to start. Bring some business cards with you and maybe some donuts.

The best thing you can do to market for General Notary Work is to have a strong Google Business Profile that helps people in your area find you easily. See section 4 above and work hard on that!

Last words on advertising your mobile notary services

As a notary signing agent business, marketing your services can be a tough task. With the right strategy, however, you can reach potential clients in no time.

By leveraging digital tools such as Google My Business, and social media, you can build an online presence that will help you stand out from other mobile notaries.

Additionally, by networking with other professionals in the industry and joining relevant organizations, you can increase your visibility and generate leads for your business.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful notary business.

See our article – “How to Start Your Successful Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent Business“.

(notarypeak.com does not provide legal advice of any kind, please read our disclosures)

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