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7 Great Notary Gadget Software Tips for Mobile Notaries

7 Great Notary Gadget Software Tips for Mobile Notaries.

Notary Gadget is amazing for mobile notaries and for running a smooth mobile notary business. I know how much work it is to run a business and the administration alone can be overwhelming. But Notary Gadget makes it as easy as it can be, and even has bank level security protocols, so your data is safe!

There are other software platforms like Notary Assist which are also good, but speaking from personal experience, I love Notary Gadget because it has really streamlined my bookkeeping, tracking my notarial acts for tax exemption, synchronizes with the GPS and Google Maps on my smartphone for traveling to different locations for signings, and more.

When it comes to online resources for notaries, Notary Gadget is not only the industry standard, it is at the top of my list!

For a Free Trial of Notary Gadget – Click Here.

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1. Use Notary Gadget for Scheduling Your Appointments and to Synch with Google Calendar

One of the most challenging parts of running a successful notary business is how busy you can get and staying on top of your scheduling.

Using Notary Gadget for scheduling is not only easy and intuitive, but when you take a few minutes to enter your signing appointment you can set it up to synchronize Notary Gadget with your Google Calendar and save valuable time.

This has been so convenient to see my signing schedule at a glance right from my smart phone.

When a notification comes in from a signing service, or from Title companies, I can quickly check my Google calendar for my availability, and respond to the opportunity appropriately. As a notary public this rapid ability to manage my signing schedule is amazing.

If this was the only feature on Notary Gadget, I would pay for it!

Notary Gadget Calendar

2. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking What Signing Service or Title Company Gave You The Signing.


When you run a busy notary signing agent business as a notary public, it can get out of control pretty quick if you don’t stay organized. 

Accepting business from different signing services, and Title companies can happen fast, and you will need to remember who gave you the business, so you can close the file, and invoice them if necessary.

In Notary Gadget you enter them as your “Customer”. Because they are your customer. You will need to create a new customer for every company the send you signings.

Keeping track of this is an important part of running a successful notary business as you can use Notary Gadget to manage their contact info, and also run reports on how much money you have made from any customer.

Notary Gadget

3. Use Notary Gadget for Easy Access to Signers Contact Info and Directions

One of the great things that I love about Notary Gadget is that it puts all the signers contact info onto the appointment on my Google Calendar.

When I need to contact a customer whether I’m in the office or in the field, I just open up my Google Calendar, click on the appointment, and then from there I can click on the phone number to call the signers.

Even better, when it is time for me to go the appointment I just click on the signer’s address in my Google Calendar appointment and it automatically opens the GPS app on my smart phone and takes me there. This gives me turn by turn directions to each appointment, and even reroutes me to avoid congested traffic when possible.

When I start my day, I often open up my Google calendar and click on the addresses of the assignments I already have, just to check how long the drive is from my office to each location. This really helps me plan my day, and run a tight schedule.

Notary Gadget

4. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking Your Mileage

As a business owner it is important to track expenses, one of which is tracking your mileage so you can deduct it on your taxes.

Notary Gadget is great for this! Once you enter the address of your office as your default location, it automatically calculates the mileage for one way trip, or even round trip to the appointment and back to the office.

It can also track the mileage from one appointment to the next, and enters the right number of miles with the click of a button.

This one feature alone saves me so much time. Rather than having to track mileage separately, it’s a one stop shop. It’s great!

5. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking Your Notarial Acts

Tracking how many notarial acts you performed at each appointment and your notarial fees is a very important aspect of your financial management for your notary business. Whether it was an appointment for a loan signing, or general notary work, make sure you track the notarizations in Notary Gadget.

The reason is that whatever your state fee is for each notarial act is, it is not subject to self-employment taxes.

So, if I do 10 notarizations at an appointment, and my state notarization fee is $10 each, then $100 of that income is not subject to self-employment tax on your tax returns. This amounts to a huge tax savings for notary business!

At the end of the day, I open up Notary Gadget, and for each appointment that day I have Notary Gadget calculate the mileage, and I enter how many notarizations were done for each assignment.

It’s important to stay on top of that daily, or at least weekly, so you don’t get buried with the administration of your notary services business. Doing this in a timely manner will help your notary business run smoothly.

6. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking Your Income and Expenses

Tracking Income

Being a seasoned notary, one of the things that I love most about Notary Gadget is that it almost runs my business for me. Tracking all of your income and expenses can be done the hard way if you want, but Notary Gadget makes it easy!

Simply enter the fee that you receive for each assignment when you enter the assignment, and when you get paid for that assignment open it up in Notary Gadget and enter that you were paid.

The graph feature in Notary Gadget is also amazing. When I open up the software in my internet browser I can see my income for each month at a glance with the bar graph feature. I find it motivating to build my business, and see that income graph grow. It even show you how much profit you have earned as a business.

Tracking Expenses

It is as easy as it can possibly get to enter your business expenses in Notary Gadget. In my case, I use the same credit card for all of my business expenses, and at the end of each month I reconcile my statement and enter all of my business expenses into Notary Gadget.

Another great feature when it comes to using Notary Gadget to manage your notary business expenses is that you can set it up to automatically enter recurring monthly expenses.

So, things like your notary supplies, monthly internet bill, phone bill, National Notary Association annual membership, monthly web hosting if you have a website, as well as regular notary expenses, can all be entered automatically on a monthly basis by Notary Gadget with out you having to do it manually.

Just enter an expense in the software, and let it know that it is a recurring bill, and how often it occurs, and Notary Gadget will just enter that expense at the same time every month without your help.

How’s that for easy accounting and bookkeeping software and streamlined notary business expense management?

7. Use Notary Gadget for Invoicing

Being able to stay on top of who has paid you and who still owes you money can be challenging for any business. But, Notary Gadget is the best way because it makes this easy too.

You can filter all your signing appointments by which ones have not been paid, and even see at a glance how many are past the 30 day period.

Invoicing clients is simple using Notary Gadget as it generates invoices easily and can be emailed to your client right from the software, so you don’t even have to open up your email.

The invoice form is customizable and you can even put your logo on it if you want to. Once you have sent an invoice, just mark it as sent in Notary Gadget and now it is easy to track.

You can email invoices, export them as .pdf’s, or print and send then in the regular mail if that is your speed. I usually generate a .pdf and email them out because then I can also track them in my email as well. That way I can tell if the client received it.

Wrap up – exists to help you start and run a successful notary signing agent business! Without hesitation we recommend Notary Gadget as your accounting and bookkeeping software because it is actually so much more! We use Notary Gadget for our own notary business on a daily basis, and know that you will be more than happy if you do too.

If you are starting a business as a loan signing agent, or any other type of notary work, you can’t go wrong by using Notary Gadget to run your business. Having the right tool for the right job will not only give you peace of mind about your business, but will give you the best experience possible when it comes to the software needed to run a successful notary signing agent business.

Here is a summary of the 7 Great Notary Gadget Software Tips for Mobile Notaries

  1. Use Notary Gadget for Scheduling Your Appointments and to Synch with Google Calendar
  2. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking What Signing Service or Title Companies Gave You The Signing
  3. Use Notary Gadget for Easy Access to Signers Contact Info and Directions
  4. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking Your Mileage
  5. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking Your Notarial Acts
  6. Use Notary Gadget for Tracking Your Income and Expenses
  7. Use Notary Gadget for Invoicing

For a Free Trial of Notary Gadget – Click Here.

The Free Trial will allow you to test drive Notary Gadget and get familiar with it. At this time I think it allows your first 14 assignments on your free trial. After that we recommend signing up for the annual membership as it will save you some money.

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