3 Top Notary Public Journal Picks for Loan Signing Agents

3 Top Notary Public Journal Picks for Loan Signing Agents

3 Top Notary Public Journal Picks for Loan Signing Agents

Efficiency is a huge factor for mobile notaries, and any successful notary signing agent business! In this business, the expression “time is money” is so true!

Being your own boss and setting your own hours is great, so running an efficient business is vitally important. Professional notaries know that efficiency matters a lot!

If you want to take your notary business to the next level, then you need the best notary journal for your situation.

There are plenty of best practices that go into conducting an efficient notary signing appointment, especially if you are doing loan signings.

Having the right notary supplies like a good re-inkable notary stamp is part of being a professional notary public. One of the biggest ways to lead a smooth and efficient loan signing appointment is to use a great notary journal that is designed for that exact purpose.

Using the wrong notary journal could add an additional 10 to 15 minutes at every single appointment, and believe me, that adds up fast. It can also frustrate and wear out your signers. Which will almost always add more time to every appointment.

Disclaimers: 1. As a notary loan signing agent, it is important to make sure that if your state requires you to keep a record of notarial acts in a notary journal, that you be sure that the notary journal you choose is compliant with your state laws. Check with your Secretary of State website for specific state notary laws. 2. If you click on any of the affiliate links on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a commission.

If you are looking for your first notary journal, or looking to upgrade your journal in the near future, we have some great suggestions!

So, let’s take a look at – 3 Top Notary Public Journal Picks for Loan Signing Agents

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1. Integrity Notary Journal.

After using other journals for my mobile notary business, the Integrity Notary Journal is the one that I have decided to use for all of my signing appointments. It has definitely cut my appointment times by at least 20%.

Let me point out some of the key features that I love about the Integrity Notary Journal:

Security – The journal lays open and only displays the current signers information for the appointment that you are currently at. So, there is no need to use a privacy shield to cover previous journal entry, and the private information of the previous signers.

Keeping peoples information secure is one of our key responsibilities as mobile notaries. People trust us with the privacy of their confidential info.

Speed – The Integrity Notary Journal has a pre-listed set of 32 commonly notarized legal documents and loan documents used by title companies, so all you have to do is check the box and circle which signers are on that particular document. 

There is room for up to four signers, and they are listed 1,2,3,4 so you just circle which ones are notarizing that checked document. There is also a place to write in documents that are not on the list. This makes journal entries a breeze!

Also, there is room for up to 4 signers at any given appointment, which increases the speed of the appointment by not having to fill out another notary entry for more than 2 signers.

There is also a short list of common notarial acts, so all you have to do is circle which type of notarial acts apply to the documents you are notarizing. Of course, there is a spot to have the borrower sign, and also a check box to indicate the borrowers willingness, and comprehension.

This journal takes minimal effort, and provides real-world answers to the problems that Notary Signing Agents face every day in our line of work. I consider my Integrity Notary Journal one of my best notary business-building assets because of the time it saves alone.

We are big fans! Check it out:

2. Modern Journal of Notarial Events.

The Modern Journal of Notarial Events is one of the most recommended notary journals on the market. One of the reasons is that is is known to be California compliant, which means that it is most likely compliant anywhere as California is one of the strictest states for notaries. Again, make sure this journal is compliant with your state requirements.

Security: The Modern Journal of Notarial Events is not the best when it comes to security because every notarization is entered separately, so you will have to use a privacy shield to cover up the information for previous signers.

This isn’t terrible since it’s pretty normal to have a privacy shield handy, but it’s also easy for the privacy shield to move while someone is signing.

The reason each notarization is entered separately is because it is required in some states, like California. If you are in California or another state that requires separate entries for each notarization, then this would be the ideal journal for you.

Speed: There is a list of commonly notarized documents so you can just check the box of the document that you are notarizing, for each entry. This way you don’t have to write in every single document.

This isn’t the fastest journal to use if you are not required to make separate entries for each notarization. If you are not required to make separate entries for each notarization, then the Integrity Notary Journal is much faster, and more secure.

The 5 Step Notary Appointment Success Guide

From Visually.

3. The Signing Agents Journal for Notaries Public.

This is the first journal that I used when I first started my mobile notary business. Honestly, because of the way this journal is laid out, I became very familiar with common loan signing documents.

Having to write in each document, and what type of notarial act it was, allowed me the time I needed to pay close attention to each document, and useful insight as I wrote in the comment, I memorized the list of common loan documents.

Security: The Signing Agents Journal for Notaries Public will require a privacy shield. While on signing can be done all on one page, the pages face each other, so you will have to cover the previous signing with your shield.

This is not too inconvenient. I found that using my privacy shield as a place holder in the journal made it work well.

Speed: When I used this journal I prepped it ahead of time for every appointment. That allowed the appointment to go pretty quick, but increased my prep time a little bit. I guess I’d rather have more prep time and a more streamlined appointment.

Overall, I loved working with this journal and found it to be quick with single line entries, and room for plenty of documents. There was a draw back with only room for 2 signers on any page, but having more than 2 is rare.

Wrap up: After working with each of these Notary Journals as the record book for notarial acts, I liked working with the Integrity Notary Journal the best, as it was the fastest, most secure, and met the guidelines set by my Secretary of State office for notary journal requirements.

Here are the links to each of these journals for you to check out yourself.

Whether you are at a loan signing, or just doing general notary work, any one of these journals would benefit your business by trimming down the time for each appointment.

At the end of the day, we all need to take the time to work ON our business, not just IN it!

It easy to get in the grind trying to make money and pay the bills. But if you don’t take the time to work ON your business, all your hard work might just stress you out, and cause financial loss.

If you are looking for a great training program to become a Notary Signing Agent, then taking a great notary signing agent course would really benefit you!

We highly recommend the Loan Signing System Course by Mark Wills, for anyone looking to build a successful mobile notary loan signing business!

The Loan Signing System Course is full of great videos, downloadable information, and mentorship for every level of being a Loan Signing Agent. This is the course I took and my notary business sky-rocketed!

You can build a six-figure income with a well run, well organized, successful NSA Business!

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